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September 1, 2010

California Update: Anti-Gun Bills Brought Down in the Golden State

Last night proved a strong one for sportsmen, hunters and gun-owners in California as a litany of anti-gun bills met their demise. Assembly Bill 1810, legislation that would have established a long-gun registry, died in the state senate.  Assembly Bill 2354, legislation that would have further expanded the already burdensome and onerous ammunition registration laws, was also defeated.  Likewise, legislation that would have mandated the spaying and neutering of domesticated animals, which would have adversely affected breeders of hunting dogs, was similarly voted down.  Finally, AB 1934, legislation that would have banned the open carrying of handguns, passed 21-16 in the Senate, but later died in the Assembly.  All in all, a very strong night for the sportsmen and pro-gun community.

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