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May 24, 2018

Calif. Gun Rationing, Age Increase Bill in Committee Tomorrow

The State Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to consider its “suspense” calendar tomorrow and on this list of bills to be considered is Senate Bill 1100. SB 1100 would increase the age from 18 to 21 years old for the purchase of long guns, denying young adults their right to keep and bear arms for self-defense, or other lawful purposes. Additionally, SB 1100 would expand on California’s one handgun per month law to prohibit the acquisition of more than one firearm per month, including both handguns and long guns, with very limited exceptions.

NSSF expressed serious concern with the bill and will continue to stand opposed as it will do nothing to increase public safety, but will only burden law-abiding gun owners and negatively impact firearm retailers.

Please contact members of the Senate Appropriations Committee immediately and respectfully urge them to vote “NO” on SB 1100.

Senator Patricia Bates (Vice Chair)
(916) 651-4036 – Email

Senator Jim Beall
(916) 651-4015 – Email

Senator Steven Bradford
(916) 651-4035 – Email

Senator Jerry Hill
(916) 651-4013 – Email

Senator Jim Nielsen
(916) 651-4004 – Email

Senator Scott Wiener
(916) 651-4011 – Email

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