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October 22, 2008

A Guide To Accuracy On Firearms And More

Writers_guide_coverNo day goes by without an inaccuracy about firearms, ammunition, hunting or target shooting being printed by the media or uttered by an individual in casual conversation. You’ve read them; you’ve heard ’em. At NSSF, we wish we could give each of the misinformed our Writer’s Guide to Firearms and Ammunition to help them better understand firearms issues, terminology and how our industry is regulated. Actually, we’ve given away a lot of these spiral-bound reference books–to the media, bloggers, legislators, hunters and target shooters. But the more people who know about this educational tool, the better for gun owners and our industry. The online version is in the Media Resources section of NSSF’s Web site. Anyone who writes or talks about firearms and firearms issues should bookmark the guide, just as you would a handy online dictionary like Merriam-Webster. Next time you read or hear someone confuse the terms "automatic" and "semi-automatic" or say "bullet" when they mean "cartridge," don’t just correct them. Let them know about NSSF’s Writer’s Guide to Firearms and Ammunition. With your help and our booklet, we can hope that next time they’ll get it right.

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