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January 16, 2020

6 SHOT Show Retailer Seminars You Should Consider Attending

Topics in our Retailer Seminars are developed from inquiries and feedback received all year long from businesses like yours and a special retail advisory council. Learn more about important industry challenges, better management practices and ways to make your business stand out. Retailer Seminars run Tuesday through Thursday during the SHOT Show, giving you the flexibility to mix each day with education and exhibits.

Want more customers? These three retailer seminars deliver them

Of course you want more customers. Everyone wants more customers. The problem for many business owners when it comes to finding them, though, is that they keep aiming their marketing and advertising at the audience of customers they already have—and that’s not where your new customers are.

Social Media Maximization — three retailer seminars to ace it

It’s a good possibility you’re reading this SHOT Show post on a mobile device via a link you picked up on Facebook, LinkedIn or some other social media platform. That’s no accident of course, and such “read more here” links are as common a social media strategy for connecting with customers as your hashtags and daily “ask the expert” posts. But there’s so much more to social media these days, that we developed three Retailer Seminars to help you work with some of its most profitable tactics.

These are just six of 20 super Retailer Seminars taking place during SHOT Week. As you fine-tune your schedule before your departure for Vegas, take the time to view the schedule, then log in to your account and add the sessions that will best benefit your business. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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