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December 31, 2023

2023 Firearm Industry Compliance Education Webinars

NSSF®, the firearm industry trade association, is providing industry businesses with FREE in-depth compliance online training and insights via the Firearm Industry Compliance Education Series — a live webinar series with a focus on topics central to our industry including ATF inspection preparedness, Straw Purchase awareness, improving store security, OSHA lead & noise compliance and much more. NSSF is committed to helping your company improve operations, public safety and the overall health of the firearms industry, and education is a key component to our combined success.

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Upcoming Webinars

Compliance Lessons from 2024 SHOT Show

Webinar: Compliance Lessons from 2024 SHOT Show - February 5, 2024 at 3 p.m. EasternMonday, February 5 | 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET

Not able to attend SHOT Show? Just want a refresher on ATF compliance issues learned at SHOT? Join NSSF Compliance Consultants Wally Nelson and Harry McCabe for a review of all the major compliance issues that came up at SHOT. From the NSSF educational sessions to the ATF and NICS sessions, Wally and Harry will update you on all the compliance issues you need to be familiar with to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of an ATF inspection this year. Topics will include ATF’s Zero Tolerance program and the status of NICS background checks for employees as well as the status of using NCIC to check for stolen firearms. This is a webinar you don’t want to miss!

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Recordings of the Firearm Industry Compliance Education series will be made available in NSSF’s SHOT University Online – the firearm industry’s premier resource for education and training — available for free to NSSF Members and their staff.

Not an NSSF Member? Visit or reach out to our member services team at To learn more about NSSF’s SHOT University Online, visit

Target-Hardening Strategies for Keeping Your Guns Secure in the Retail Environment

Webinar: Target-hardening strategies for keeping your gunse secure in the retail environment

As criminals change their tactics frequently, we must be aware to determine if we should change our defense. During this session, two experts who travel the country visiting FFLs will share different strategies that are working, including low-cost to no-cost tactics you can implement to protect your business.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Hot Topics from the NSSF Compliance Hotline

Compliance Webinar: Hot Topics from the NSSF Compliance Hotline

NSSF operates a Hotline as a service for its members through which you can ask any ATF compliance questions. And not just ATF questions but also OSHA, EPA, and import/export questions. The goal of the Hotline is to respond to the caller as soon as possible. The number is 855-FFL-NSSF (335-6773). Many NSSF members have never used this service. If that is you, we encourage you to give it a try when a compliance question comes up. We think you will be glad you did.

During this webinar, NSSF compliance consultants Judy LeDoux and Wally Nelson discussed common hotline questions from 2023 and answered them in detail.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

NSSF Compliance Consultants “Report from the Field”

WEBINAR: Graphic image reads: Compliance Webinar - NSSF Compliance Consultants "Report from the Field". The risk of ATF administrative actions, including license revocation, demands proactive measures. This presentation will help you gather valuable insights for maintaining compliance at your firearms business.

Retired ATF Director of Industry Operations Judyth LeDoux and Compliance Expert John ‘JC’ Clark – both NSSF Compliance Consultants, address critical topics impacting Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) while delving into essential topics that every FFL should be aware of.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

The Secrets to All Things NFA

Thumbnail Graphic Reads - FFL Compliance Webinar: The Secrets to All Things NFA

The number of FFLs dealing in NFA firearms continues to rise rapidly. If you currently deal in suppressors or other NFA firearms, or if you are thinking about getting into that fast-growing part of the firearms market, you should watch this informative and enlightening presentation. The presentation covers some of the basics, as well as common errors on NFA forms and the rental of NFA firearms at ranges. Read more about the basics and what to expect here.

In this webinar, Veteran NSSF Consultants and retired ATF Deputy Assistant Directors Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson share the information you need to successfully deal in NFA firearms while remaining compliant with the ATF laws and regulations that govern NFA operations.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Master Firearms Compliance: Avoid ATF Administrative Action, Secure Your FFL with Expert ATF Insights

NSSF Webinar - Master Firearms Compliance: Avoid ATF Administrative Action, Secure Your FFL with Expert ATF Insights

Discover essential strategies to safeguard your Federal Firearms License (FFL) during this informative webinar. In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, the risk of ATF administrative actions, including license revocation, demands proactive measures. In this critical webinar, NSSF Compliance Consultants John ‘JC’ Clark and John ‘JB’ Bocker share timely compliance wisdom and ATF revocation expertise.

Don’t leave your FFL’s future to chance – equip yourself for success!

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

All Things California DOJ Compliance

The California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) can impose hefty fines per violation identified during a compliance inspection of a licensed California firearm dealer. In fact, every time you submit an incorrect electronic firearm application (DROS) via the DROS Entry System (DES), it could end up costing you between $1,000 – $15,000+ in fines. On top of that, there are violations that can get your license revoked or worse. In this presentation, you’ll learn the most common violations and how to take action before being fined, revoked or even arrested.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Let’s Take a Look at Your Straw Purchase Avoidance Program | Tactics to Help FFLs Avoid Straw Purchase Sales

Your FFL will inevitably be approached by strawmen; people who want to buy a firearm for someone unknown to you. Knowing this, your straw purchase avoidance program should absolutely be among the training programs that FFLs regularly review and update. In this webinar, we will explore some common scenarios that are attempted, what to say and how to stop the transaction, and where and how to share the information.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Internal Auditing Practices for the FFL to Stay in Compliance

Free Compliance Webinar: Internal Auditing Practices for the FFL to Stay in Compliance

In this webinar, NSSF Consultants Harry McCabe and Judy LeDoux cover the internal auditing practices that can help prevent FFL holders and retail staff from making errors that typically result in a recommendation for revocation under the ATF “Zero Tolerance” policy as well as other violations that are most commonly cited by ATF.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Preparing Your Business and Team for the Ever-changing Market Conditions

Webinar: Preparing your business and team for the ever changing market conditionsIn this session, presented by Hank Yacek of Point of Impact Consulting and member of the NSSF Retail Advisory Council, we’ll explore how investing time and effort into improved sales techniques, strategic inventory management, performance metrics trends, and other actionable tactics can help turn what we often see as a burdensome “Slow season” into the opportunity for “Go season!”

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Top 10 Things Everybody Loves About Insurance

Top 10 Things Everybody Loves About Insurance - Presented by Stephanie Verseman of Breckenridge InsuranceDo you know the different types of insurance that are available to gun stores & shooting ranges? In this session, Stephanie Verseman of Breckenridge Insurance reviews the key components and considerations of buying insurance for firearm industry-related businesses. You’ll learn about the recent changes in the insurance industry that pertain to the firearm industry, compare various insurance products available, and what is typically required to get an insurance quote. Verseman also shares tips on what you can do to make your business a more insurable risk & help reduce insurance costs.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Preparing for an ATF Inspection

Square Thumbnail Image. Reads: How to Prepare for an ATF Inspection. NSSF: The Firearm Industry Trade AssociationIf ATF walked through your FFLs door today, are you prepared for an inspection? In this session, NSSF Compliance Consult Team members Judy Bender and Wally Nelson walk you through the types of inspections that occur and why, the various parts of an ATF compliance inspection, and how preparations can help you have a clean inspection.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Seven Core Elements of Effective Range Health & Safety Programs

NSSF Compliance Webinar on Seven Core Elements of Effective Range Health and Safety ProgramsDeveloping, implementing, and maintaining health and safety programs for your shooting range takes more than downloading a written program template. If your health and safety program is developed, implemented, and maintained correctly, range owners can prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths and reduce their financial liability. Watch this presentation to learn the seven core elements of building and maintaining an effective health and safety program for your shooting range.

Watch at SHOT University Online

UPS Best Practices for Firearm Products and Ammunition Shipments

WEBINAR: UPS Best Practices for Firearm Products and Ammunition ShipmentsThis webinar provides attendees with a basic understanding of UPS’s firearm products and ammunition shipping requirements. UPS Public Affairs Vice President, Jessica Lowrance and Corporate Compliance and Ethics Director, Brian Arnold review best practices for firearm products and ammunition shipments, including how to open a UPS firearm products account, prepare and induct firearm products shipments for UPS delivery and work with customers to ensure the safe return of firearm products for warranty or repair. UPS also provides information on shipping ammunition within its network.

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Less Common Sales: Do You Know the Rules?

NSSF Compliance Webinar: Do You Know the Rules for Less Common Gun Sales?In this webinar, NSSF Compliance Consultants Judy LeDoux and Wally Nelson review the ATF requirements for over-the-counter sales that are not common to most FFLs, including sales of long guns to out-of-state residents, snowbirds (dual state residents) and military service members. Our compliance consultants aim to answer these frequently asked questions and many others asked by the FFLs in attendance.

Watch at SHOT University Online

Text Marketing & Compliance: What is S.H.A.F.T.?

WEBINAR:Text Marketing & Compliance: What is S.H.A.F.T.?

Text marketing can offer an impressive return on investment (ROI) of up to 25x, outshining email’s performance by a factor of 10x. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of brands and retailers use it, leaving significant revenue on the table. In this talk, you will become familiar with the CTIA-established guidelines of S.H.A.F.T. (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco). With the knowledge gained, you can ensure your text campaigns don’t get flagged and your number isn’t blocked. Expert Ben Nelson, founder of Otter Technologies — a waiver and marketing platform — shares how to leverage this technology effectively to increase sales and keep your customers/members engaged

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Environmental Management for Outdoor Shooting Ranges – Getting Started

In this session, expert Richard (Dick) Peddicord, Ph.D., President of Environmental Range Protection, provides a high-altitude overview of the environmental issues outdoor rifle/pistol and shotgun ranges face, the liability implications, and the effective management approaches to reduce risk.

You’ll learn the key regulations and their implications, the distribution of lead, and the development of a site-specific Environmental Stewardship Plan considering key issues, solutions, and implementation.

Watch at SHOT University Online

Compliance Lessons From SHOT Show

Compliance from SHOT ShowIn this special “wrap-up” session, originally airing on Tuesday, Feb. 7, NSSF Compliance consultants Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson share what they learned about ATF and FBI NICS compliance developments at the 2023 SHOT Show. Topics covered include:

  • Arm Brace rule and what you should be considering right away
  • Development of the Firearms Handler Form. What we currently know and expect
  • Development of the Stolen Firearms Database. What we currently know and expect

Watch at SHOT University Online

Revised ATF Form 4473: What’s Changed and What You Need to Know?

In this session, you’ll learn about the new ATF Form 4473 and your responsibilities to complete it correctly as NSSF Compliance Consultants Judy LeDoux and Wally Nelson go through the new form to cover what changed, how it changed and why. So have a copy of the new form available and Judy and Wally will cover it from beginning to end and answer your questions as well.

Watch at SHOT University Online


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NSSF Member Testimonial - Quote: For any retailer, large or small, this membership is a no-brainer. Between the educational materials, access to the best firearms attorneys and other premium benefits, this membership is what many of us have been waiting for. -Joe Keffer, Sportsman's ShopLooking for more guidance? NSSF®’s Premium Retailer Membership is a top-tier membership for firearm retailers designed to help retailers protect their business against administrative actions taken by ATF, including license revocation.

Membership directly supports NSSF in its mission to promote, protect and preserve our industry and our sports. NSSF stands in defense of every segment of our industry on Capitol Hill and in state capitols nationwide and is working on behalf of every one of its members every day to strengthen our industry. Start your application today, or upgrade your existing membership to premium.

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Looking for more education opportunities?

Consider NSSF’s SHOT University Online, a one-stop e-learning platform for firearms retailers and ranges. On-demand and free for NSSF members, this library of interactive online courses provides a deep dive on critical topics ranging from compliance and regulatory issues to operational guidance and business improvement for both business owners and employees.

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