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November 15, 2022

2022 Firearm Industry Compliance Education

In 2022, NSSF®, the firearm industry trade association, will be providing industry businesses with FREE in-depth compliance online training and insights via the 2022 Firearm Industry Compliance Education Series — a monthly, live webinar series, with a focus on topics central to our industry including ATF inspection preparedness, Straw Purchase awareness, improving store security, OSHA lead & noise compliance and much more. NSSF is committed to helping your company improve operations, public safety and the overall health of the firearms industry, and education is a key component to our combined success.

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Recordings of the 2022 Firearm Industry Compliance Education series will be made available in NSSF’s SHOT University Online – the firearm industry’s premier resource for education and training — available for free to NSSF Members and their staff.

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Digital Compliance & Your FFL Business Recording Now Available!

ATF Rulings in 2016 allowed FFLs to request approval to maintain records and complete ATF Form 4473s electronically. Fast forward to today and ATF has made it even easier for FFLs to go digital. No matter how big or small your firearms business is or how far you may want to transition into the digital world, there’s likely a solution for you.

This webinar will explore the ATF Rulings and requirements to take the next step toward this digital advancement. We’ll help you understand the stages and cost-effectiveness of implementation, as well as the successes and potential pitfalls with transitioning to help determine if it’s the right fit for your operation. We’ll also help alleviate the concerns and provide insights into what you need to know with knowledge and confidence should you want to move forward with making the transition

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Strawman: The Customer You Do Not Want – Tactics to Help FFLs Avoid Straw Purchase Sales

Every FFL should assume strawmen will approach them; people who want to buy a firearm for someone unknown to you. Straw purchases are notoriously tricky to spot but don’t be complacent. Today, FFLs are facing license revocation for selling a single firearm to a straw purchaser that could have been prevented.

This presentation will cover common straw purchase approaches and provide guidance on recognizing and shutting down such attempts, as well as business practices that can help deter such sales.

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ATF Notice of Revocation (NOR) – Are you Prepared?

ATF Notice of Revocation (NOR) - Are you Prepared?By now, you’ve heard of the ATF’s five deadly sins that can lead to notice of revocation. They’re happening and FFLs must now learn how to defend themselves at a revocation hearing.

In this session, you’ll hear from NSSF compliance consultant Bill Napier and expert firearm attorney Chris Renzulli. They will share proven strategies to reduce the risk of a revocation notice and, in the event you receive a NOR, how to prepare for a revocation hearing.

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How Changes to the OSHA Lead Standard May Impact Your Range

How Changes to the OSHA Lead Standard May Impact Your RangeOSHA is considering changes to its lead standard and wants to hear from your shooting range. Find out what this means for your firing range.

On June 28, 2022, OSHA published an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) seeking public input on updating their lead standards. Recent medical research on workplace lead exposure shows adverse health effects can occur in adults at lower blood lead levels than recognized previously in the medical removal levels specified in OSHA’s lead standards. The ANPRM seeks public input on modifying current OSHA lead standards to reduce the triggers for medical removal protection and medical surveillance and prevent harmful health effects in workers exposed to lead more effectively.

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Understanding the OSHA Lead Standard and Compliance Actions for Shooting Ranges

Understanding the OSHA Lead Standard and Compliance Actions for Shooting RangesDischarging a firearm at any gun range generates lead dust and debris. As a result, employees at shooting range establishments are subject to stringent and recurring lead monitoring, recordkeeping, and training requirements prescribed by the OSHA Lead Standard. Is your shooting range protected from penalties in the event of an unannounced OSHA inspection?

Ethan R. Ware, Esquire, chair of the Environment and Natural Resources Group at Williams Mullen law firm and Dale Krupinski a Certified Industrial Hygienist and former Compliance Safety and Health officer for OSHA, break down the complex Lead Standard for practical application, highlight several actions ranges must take to comply, and provide you with the tools to implement the Lead Standard in a pragmatic and effective way.

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Final Review: What FFLs Need To Know About the New ATF Regulation

Final Review Webinar: What FFLs Need To Know About the New ATF Regulations | With NSSF ATF Compliance consultant Wally NelsonThe new ATF “Final Rule” firearm regulations (Final Rule 2021R-05F) are only days away from going into effect. These regulations include the amended definition of “Frame or Receiver,” FFL recordkeeping changes, marking requirements and records for importers and manufacturers, and Privately Made Firearms (PMFs), and more.

This is a final review of several key regulatory requirements and during this session, NSSF Consultant and former ATF Deputy Assistant Director Wally Nelson will advise FFLs on what they need to do now to remain in compliance.

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Firearm Industry Implications of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

NSSF's Larry Keane presents on: Firearm Industry Implications of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) includes several items that impact FFL businesses.

In this session, NSSF’s Senior Vice President for Government & Public Affairs, Larry Keane examines the bill and highlights which provisions will impact how you run your business and how they may affect your customers.

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How to Craft a Security Plan That Fits Your Retail Location | Operation Secure Store®

How to Craft a Security Plan That Fits Your Retail Location | Operation Secure Store® | Presentation by NSSF Security Consultant, Bill Napier FFLs have a special interest in ensuring their inventory and customer information are safe from burglary and/or theft. This comprehensive educational program is aimed at providing FFLs with the resources they need to craft a comprehensive security plan specific to their needs. When FFLs give mindful thought to a security plan and create and execute it, they work towards protecting their business, staff, customers and community.

For this session, you’ll hear from Bill Napier, with over 30 years of experience in retail loss prevention and a retired law enforcement officer who will provide key insights to help FFLs improve their overall store security practices.

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Update on ATF’s ‘Final Rule,’ and Biden/DOJ ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy

What is Causing FFLs to be Revoked Now, plus Definition of Frames and Receivers, PMF (aka “Ghost Gun”), Marking Requirements, and FFL Recordkeeping/Retention Changes

Compliance Webinar CoverIt is now more critical than ever for firearm retailers and manufacturer FFLs, to maintain complete, accurate and timely processes and records.

In this session, NSSF Compliance Team Members Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson, both retired ATF Deputy Assistant Directors with a combined 80 years of ATF experience, review the ATF regulatory requirements that all FFLs should know to help avoid getting stung by a “Zero Tolerance” inspection. Then, provide an assessment and guidance for what we know so far about the new marking requirements for so-called “ghost guns” and highlihgt the expanded rules for Records Retention, including important dates and deadlines to mark on your calendars and resources to gather to help you comply in a timely manner.

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California FFLs: How to Maintain Your Certificate of Eligibility with CA DOJ’s New Time Constraints

California FFL DOJ Webinar - Maintaining COE and CL with Renee LewisDue to extreme staff shortages, at the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) all firearm applications are taking longer than usual to process. This includes your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and Centralized List (CL) renewal applications.

Renee Lewis, Field Representative at CA DOJ (Retired), provides important guidance on how to maintain your COE and Centralized List (CL) accounts without interruptions to your business. In this session, you will also learn about new inspection procedures that, if not followed, could result in fines and affect your profits.

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Cyber Liability in an Evolving World

Cyber Liability in an Evolving World | Compliance Webinar presented by Cyber Practice Leader at Hylant, Alex Clark

With cyber-attacks and losses on the rise, it’s more important than ever that businesses have plans to best mitigate the risk. On Monday, April 25, NSSF the hosted Industry Compliance session “Cyber Liability in an Evolving World.”

In this session, Alex Clark with Hylant Cyber Solutions shared insights on the unique threats and coverages facing everyone from local gun shops, large manufacturers, and everyone in between. Watch now to learn about these different threats and attacks businesses face, who the bad actors are (both domestic and foreign), and whether the attacks are targeted or random. Additionally, what you can do from an internal control standpoint and the protection options available via an insurance policy to best safeguard your business.

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Navigating Biden’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy

'Zero Tolerance' Policy Update -- Biden's Efforts Targeting 'Rogue Gun Dealers' -- Webinar with NSSF Compliance Consultant John "JC" ClarkThe ATF has been directed by the Biden Administration and the leadership in the Department of Justice to implement a “Zero Tolerance” policy targeting what they are calling “Rogue Gun Dealers.” Unfortunately, with this new policy, the expectations of Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs) have been set even higher where compliance is concerned, to the point where even a single violation could create a scenario for license revocation.

On Monday, March 21, NSSF hosted the compliance session ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Update – Biden’s Efforts Targeting ‘Rogue Gun Dealers,’” alongside John “JC” Clark of FFL Consultants LLC. John is also a member of the NSSF Compliance Consultant Team and is currently supporting several FFLs that are actively attempting to save their license and livelihoods due to receiving a Notice of Revocation. The session had a record number of attendees who sought to gain insights into what these FFLs are experiencing and why you need to pay attention during an ATF inspection.

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NSSF Member Testimonial - Quote: For any retailer, large or small, this membership is a no-brainer. Between the educational materials, access to the best firearms attorneys and other premium benefits, this membership is what many of us have been waiting for. -Joe Keffer, Sportsman's ShopLooking for more guidance? NSSF®’s Premium Retailer Membership is a top-tier membership for firearm retailers designed to help retailers protect their business against administrative actions taken by ATF, including license revocation.

Membership directly supports NSSF in its mission to promote, protect and preserve our industry and our sports. NSSF stands in defense of every segment of our industry on Capitol Hill and in state capitols nationwide and is working on behalf of every one of its members every day to strengthen our industry. Start your application today, or upgrade your existing membership to premium.

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Looking for more education opportunities?

Consider NSSF’s SHOT University Online, a one-stop e-learning platform for firearms retailers and ranges. On-demand and free for NSSF members, this library of interactive online courses provides a deep dive on critical topics ranging from compliance and regulatory issues to operational guidance and business improvement for both business owners and employees.

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