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September 9, 2015

2016 SHOT Show University Adds Celerant Technology’s Firearms Specialist Jon Judy to Speaker Roster

Head Shot- Jon Judy

There are few stores in today’s world of firearms retailers whose sole means of taking in money revolves around a simple cash register. Over the years, even most of the “old school” stores have converted to electronic barcode-scanning point-of-sale systems that can do everything from capturing basic inventory tracking and salesman commission calculations to more complex systems that help store owners track store traffic, profit margins and turn rates.

Such point-of-sale programs can be an invaluable asset to a retail operation, but only if you know how to ring the most out of your investment. To help our retailers do just that, NSSF asked its Affinity Member Benefit partner Celerant Technology to provide a speaker on the subject for the 2016 SHOT Show University.

Celerant Technology is a leading provider of point-of-sale management software systems, including customized platforms to suit a business’ individual needs. As an NSSF Affinity Member Benefit partner, Celerant provides a discount on its services to NSSF members.

Speaking on the benefits a centralized point-of-sale management software system can provide firearms retailers and range operators will be Jon Judy, Celerant’s Implementation Manager/Trainer and a firearms specialist with the company. During his session “The Benefits of Point-of-Sale Systems,” part of the New Operator Learning Track, Judy will discuss why retailers and range owners should shift to a point-of-sale system if they haven’t already, what to look for in new systems and in system expansions, how these systems can streamline multiple in-store processes and, most of all, how these systems can help professionals in our industry stay compliant with ATF.

Jon Judy is a key liaison between Celerant Technology end users and platform developers. He is directly responsible for managing system implementations for clients, including software testing, training and coordinating modification requests. Judy joined Celerant in 2012, bringing with him 11 years of experience from Ohio sporting goods retail giant Vance Outdoors, where he served as a system administrator, responsible for server installation, network design, and technical support.

The 2016 SHOT Show University will take place January 18, the day before the show opens. Registration for this event is now open to retailers and exhibitors whose applications to attend the show have been approved. NSSF Premium Retailer members are permitted one complimentary ticket to the event. Tickets for all other NSSF members and for Premium Retailer members wishing to purchase tickets in addition their complimentary seat are $250. Tickets for non-member retailers and exhibitors are available for $500. The full course description for the 2016 SHOT Show University is available here. For more information, visit or click here.

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