Sunday Hunting in Virginia House

Your action is needed to preserve hunting in Virginia. The bill to repeal the ban on Sunday hunting will be heard this WEDNESDAY EVENING (Feb. 1) in the Natural Resources subcommittee of the House Agriculture Committee. It is imperative that these members hear from you telling them to support hunter and property rights -- vote YES on HB 921. Please call and email each member of the subcommittee, then visit to email your own Delegate.

The subcommittee members are:

Delegate Lee Ware

Delegate James Edmunds

Delegate Matt Fariss

Delegate Lynwood Lewis

Delegate Ken Plum

Delegate Tony Wilt

Delegate Tommy Wright

HB 921 will conform to the bill that passed the Senate (SB 464). This is not a total repeal of Sunday hunting restrictions. This legislation has been carefully crafted to take into consideration the concerns of those who have traditionally opposed a total repeal. To respect those who use our public lands for recreational purposes, the bill limits hunting to private lands and public waterways. To respect people's desire to worship in peace, we have restricted hunting to areas more than 250 yards from a house of worship. The bill also restricts the use of dogs to hunt deer on Sunday. These provisions were viewed by many as a compromise that has made the bill better.

Please show your support for Sunday hunting today and contact your delegate and the members of the subcommittee listed above.


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