Guidelines and Placing Orders

Program's Purpose

Provide match directors with an ammunition source that will help attract and promote their events to the new and established shooter markets while increasing overall participation at their scheduled NSSF Rimfire Challenge events.

How the Program Works

Match directors can now order ammunition directly from our fulfillment partner, Gold Coast Armory, for their scheduled Rimfire Challenge registered and monthly matches. Ammunition allotments per host range will be determined by the size of the registered event or the number of scheduled monthly matches. The ammunition purchased through this program is solely intended for NSSF Rimfire Challenge events. Any remaining ammunition after a registered event must be retained and used for future monthly or registered Rimfire Challenge competitions held at your home range.

Program Eligibility & Requirements

  • Events must be scheduled and posted on the Rimfire Challenge Events Calendar and must be listed on the host range's website
  • Host ranges must make every effort to attract new shooters and gun owners to attend their scheduled events.
  • Ammunition purchased for Rimfire Challenge events is to be sold to participants at the price it was purchased for by Gold Coast Armory. This price should incorporate the shipping charges incurred when placing the order.
  • Match directors or host ranges must retain any unspent ammunition for future NSSF Rimfire Challenge Program events, which include First Shots Second Round–Intro to Rimfire Challenge clinics, monthly matches or their next registered Rimfire Challenge event.

NOTE: Should any of these requirements not be followed or if a match director/host range does not retain any remaining ammunition for future events, the match director and host range will no longer be able to purchase ammunition through this program.

Placing Orders

The ammunition provided through this program will be sold at a friendly retail price. NSSF Rimfire Challenge host ranges will be able to order certain ammunition quantities based on the number of upcoming monthly matches or their upcoming registered event. Events must be scheduled and posted to the Rimfire Challenge Events Calendar in order to place an order. If your events are not currently posted, please submit your event information here.

To order ammunition for upcoming monthly matches or your club's scheduled registered event, match directors will need to contact our fulfillment partner, Gold Coast Armory, at 561-257-1420 ext. 4. Should the match director delegate this task to another event staff person, the match director must inform NSSF by emailing Tisma Juett at so she can relay the information to Gold Coast Armory.

Listed below are the ammunition allotment breakdowns. These breakdowns have been discussed and confirmed with Gold Coast Armory. The allocations your range is eligible to purchase were determined by the information provided when submitting the range's match application/s. Should the allotted ammunition number not reflect your range's complete Rimfire Challenge events schedule from now through February 2015, please add any events that are currently not listed. If the information that was originally provided is inaccurate, contact Tisma Juett at so it can be updated.

Ammunition Allotment Breakdowns

Monthly Matches
  • 1 to 3 Scheduled monthly matches – 10,000 rounds
  • 4 to 6 scheduled monthly matches – 15,000 rounds
  • 7 to 12 scheduled monthly matches – 25,000 rounds
Registered Matches
  • 6 stages accommodating less than 100 shooters – 15,000
  • 6 stages accommodating more than 100 shooters – 25,000
  • More than 6 six stages accommodating less than 100 shooters – 25,000
  • More than 6 stages accommodating more than 100 shooters – 30,000