NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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October 20, 2014

Vol. 15 No. 41

NSSF's #GUNVOTE Initiative
Buys Television Time in Connecticut

For the first time, NSSF is bringing its #GUNVOTE voter information and education to television in the form of a selective cable television buy in areas of Connecticut, where an appeal to those who appreciate the contributions of the firearms industry to the state's history and economy will help increase voter awareness and participation. Since these areas have a higher percentage of hunters, target shooters and gun owners, it is thought those who most highly value their firearms ownership and Second Amendment rights will be interested in and motivated to act on their beliefs. Watch the #GUNVOTE television ad. In addition to television, this ad will actively be promoted through social media.

2014 Elections

  • CONN. INCUMBENT GOVERNOR CHALLENGED FOR ANTI-INDUSTRY RHETORIC . . . O.F. Mossberg & Sons Senior Vice President and General Counsel Joe Bartozzi in an op-ed essay in the New Haven Register challenged Connecticut incumbent Gov. Dannel Malloy about his ongoing campaign against the firearms industry. Not content with having signed into law some of the most restrictive anti-gun legislation in the nation in 2013 when he attacked a historic state industry, Malloy continues to portray the industry as a villain. In an editorial board interview at the paper the day after publication of Bartozzi's op-ed, the governor would not back down from his previous statements, citing industry opposition to the panacea of universal background checks. Listen to the NSSF Connecticut radio commercial.

  • COLO. GOV. HICKENLOOPER'S GREATEST HITS . . . In retrospect, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper must have regretted accepting an invitation to speak before a gathering of his state's county sheriffs. His unscripted comments about what he did and did not do, what his staff told him he should do, what he has since regretted doing, and whether he had or had not spoken with gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor, make for enlightening reading. Spoiler alert: This is no profile in political decisiveness. Read the blog post from the NSSF's Larry Keane. Listen to the NSSF Colorado radio commercial.

  • ORDER YOUR #GUNVOTE STICKERS TODAY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST . . . Show that you intend to #GUNVOTE on Nov. 4. Display your very own #GUNVOTE sticker at your business or on your car or truck and let others know you care about the Second Amendment and the lawful commerce in firearms. Buy a batch for you and your relatives and friends. Order your #Gunvote stickers here

  • MORE NSSF MEMBER COMPANIES SPREAD #GUNVOTE MESSAGE . . . The entire ATK family of outdoor-oriented companies is actively supporting #GUNVOTE, NSSF's voter education and information initiative, by displaying the #GUNVOTE button on their websites. They are Bushnell, Blackhawk, Federal, CCI, Primos, Savage, Weaver, Uncle Mike's, Simmons, Millett, Butler Creek, Alliant Powder, Champion Target, Hoppes, Gunslick, Outers and RCBS. We encourage all industry members to download the #GUNVOTE button and use it in print publications and on their social media platforms. Other NSSF companies displaying the #GUNVOTE button are Advanced Technology International, Browning, Colt's Manufacturing Co., Coonan Inc., Cor-Bon/Glaser LLC, FNH USA, Fobus Holsters, FrogLube, Glock, GunBroker.com, Hodgdon Powder Company, Hornady Manufacturing Co., Leupold & Stevens, North American Arms, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Remington Outdoor Company, SinterFire, Smith & Wesson Firearms, Sturm Ruger and Co., Taurus Holdings, Trulock Tool, Volquartsen Custom, Warne Scope Mounts and Winchester Ammunition.

    • President's Club ($5,000): No new contributors to report
    • Cabinet Club ($2,500 or more): No new contributors to report
    • Capitol Club ($1,000 or more): No new contributors to report
    • Caucus Club ($500 or more): No new contributors to report
    • Congressional Club ($250 or more): No new contributors to report
    • Industry Club (up to $249): Dirk Doebereiner, Wayne Driskill, Chip Miller, David Rude and Joel Simpson

Government Relations

  • http://nssf.org/share/images/Capitol_150.jpgU.S. HOUSE MEMBERS ASK FOR 'OPERATION CHOKE POINT' INVESTIGATION . . . Some 33 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have written the Inspector General of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and that department's office of professional responsibility asking for an immediate investigation into the program dubbed "Operation Choke Point." The DOJ initiated program was launched to cut off access to financial services to specific businesses, starting with non-depository lenders but quickly adding other industries including firearms and ammunition manufacturers and retailers. In the letter, the members cited the May House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report documenting "egregious abuse of power that we believe merits your full attention and a formal investigation." NSSF has been assisting the committee and members with unraveling the details of how Operation Choke Point has affected the industry. Read the letter.

For more Government Relations news, read NSSF's latest Government Relations Update.

NSSF in the News

  • NSSF PRESIDENT SANETTI TALKS (FIREARMS) BUSINESS . . . The Fox Business News program, Varney & Company, featured a segment on Friday in which NSSF President Steve Sanetti put the current state of the industry into perspective for a national business news audience. Sanetti told program host Stu Varney that the number of firearms sales has doubled over the past 15 years, even as the criminal misuse of firearms and accidental deaths and injuries have dramatically declined. Watch the Fox Business News segment.

  • NSSF GENERAL COUNSEL KEANE TAKES ON 'PUBLIC HEALTH' ISSUE . . . The recent national public opinion poll commissioned by NSSF asking Americans whether the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should be spending time and resources on "gun violence" as opposed to disease and viruses caught the attention of the Fox & Friends Weekend show on Sunday. NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane answered questions from co-host Tucker Carlson on the politics involved in making the criminal misuse of guns into a "public health" issue. View the Fox & Friends segment.

  • FOXBUSINESS.COM: 'CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY FOR HUNTING RETAILERS' . . . Being a resource for the national news media is one of the services NSSF is pleased to provide on behalf of the industry. What may seem obvious to those who make their living in the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade is not necessarily the case for business news reporters who cover a variety of issues. Last week, Randy Clark, NSSF Managing Director, Business Development and Jim Curcuruto, NSSF Director, Industry Research and Analysis, provided their subject matter expertise for this Fox Business News online story.


  • USITC FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION DATA FOR AUGUST 2014 . . . NSSF tracks and reports monthly U.S. import and export units for several sporting arms, ammunition and optics categories from the U.S. International Trade Commission. See a complete breakdown of each category's August import and export data. NSSF members can access additional historical import and export data by logging in and clicking NSSF Industry Research.


  • ATF Q&A . . . Here are two of the many questions we received last week on our ATF Compliance hotline. The first question regards whether an FFL is held liable for a person lying on the 4473 form and the second question relates to a markings variance. Click on the links to get the answers.

  • WORKING ON YOUR BUSINESS, NOT IN IT. . . You started out small, and with a lot of sweat, hard work and long hours you've built your little business into a successful enterprise. Now you have employees who can handle the things you used to have to do, but with that freedom comes the completely different responsibility of being a manager. William F. Kendy's latest NSSF blog post lists the key characterisitcs of a great manager.


  • DID YOU KNOW? . . . NSSF Members get a 50-percent discount on SHOT Show University tickets ($250 vs. $500 for non-members). Premium Retailer members also receive one complimentary ticket. Find out more about this member benefit.


  • FIRST SHOTS, SECOND ROUND, AND RIMFIRE CHALLENGE PACKAGE . . . To help ranges get started with hosting matches, NSSF has created a support package to incorporate First Shots, Second Round, and the NSSF Rimfire Challenge. By agreeing to host a total of 12 events (from First Shots, Second Round and Rimfire Challenge combined) over the course of a year, ranges receive steel targets, ammunition, a rifle, a pistol and other supporting materials. Learn more and apply.

  • TACTICAL SOLUTIONS JOINS GROWING LIST OF RIMFIRE CHALLENGE SPONSORS . . . NSSF is pleased to announce that firearms maker Tactical Solutions has signed on as a Bronze sponsor to the NSSF Rimfire Challenge. Specializing in the manufacture of .22-caliber rifles, pistols, parts and AR rimfire conversion kits, the Idaho-based company has become an industry leader in the world of rimfire. Read the press release.

News of Note

  • NSSF LETTER PROMOTING GUN SAFETY PUBLISHED . . . The Baton Rouge Advocate, the highest circulation daily newspaper in Louisiana, has posted a letter to the editor by NSSF President Steve Sanetti that points out hunting season is the perfect opportunity to call for public education about firearm safety and to remind gun owners of the safety resources offered by NSSF and Project ChildSafe. "Secure storage of firearms when not in use is the No. 1 way to help prevent accidents and unauthorized access to them," wrote Sanetti. "One way to improve firearm safety in Louisiana is to publicly and frequently emphasize this message of personal responsibility everywhere possible."

  • NASGW LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD TO RICHARD LIPSEY . . . The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers honored Richard A. Lipsey, Chairman of Lipseys LLC of Baton Rouge, with its first Lifetime Achievement Award during the association's 10th Annual Awards Dinner in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Oct. 14, which kicked off NASGW's Annual Meeting and Expo. Lipsey was recognized for his leadership and contributions to the sporting goods industry and his community. His daughter, Laurie Aronson, President of Lipsey's, and Susan, his wife, presented the award. "He has the people touch, making everyone feel appreciated. He truly cares about others and stays in contact with customers and employees who think of him as a friend," said NASGW President Maurice (Moe) Desmarais.

  • LEADERSHIP AWARDS PRESENTED BY NASGW . . . At its 41st Annual Meeting and Expo, NASGW presented its Leadership, Excellence in Manufacturing and Innovator of the Year Awards. Leadership Award recipients were Leupold & Stevens (Optics Category), Birchwood Casey (Accessories), Hornady Manufacturing (Ammunition), Sturm, Ruger (Firearms) and IWI US (Importer, a new category this year). Earning Excellence in Manufacturing recognition were Burris (Optics), Crimson Trace (Accessories), Winchester (Ammunition), Glock (Firearms) and Eagle Imports (Imports, a new category). O.F. Mossberg & Sons was honored as 2014 Innovator of the Year.  See the award winners.

  • NASGW GRANTS . . . The Congressional Sportsman's Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and HAVA—the Honored American Veterans Afield all received grants from the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers at its annual expo. A very generous $200,000 has been donated to industry causes this year by NASGW on behalf of its member companies. Also at the expo, Russ Thurman, Publisher and Editor of Shooting Industry Magazine, presented a check for $70,000 to NSSF President Steve Sanetti for funds raised at the Shooting Industry Masters targeted to support NSSF's First Shots introduction-to-shooting program.

  • content provided by
    HOW ATF DETERMINES RULES, REGULATIONS ON FIREARMS IMPORTS . . . If you're an importer of firearms, frames and receivers, barrels or ammunition, there's an additional set of laws and regulations governing your business activities. Of course, you would first need to be licensed as an ATF FFL, specifically as an importer (Type 08 or Type 11 License). You may also need a U.S. Munitions Import registration. If your activities fall within the scope of the National Firearms Act, you need still another registration: Special Tax Registration and Return. And somewhere along the way, you are likely to become familiar with ATF Form 5330.5, the "Application and Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War." Read the latest Orchid Advisory. Orchid Advisors is an endorsed compliance information provider for NSSF members.


  • FIREARMS INDUSTRY JOBS . . . Visit nssf.org/jobs for current employment opportunities in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. Employers: Log in to post a job opening.


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