NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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July 28, 2014

Vol. 15 No. 29

Masters Raises Record-Matching $70,000
for First Shots


As team winners for the Industry Division, Daniel Defense Team 2 (Jason Poston, Ed Parsons, Vadim Dale and Kevin Flores) had time on their side as they plundered their way to first place -- they left Florida with a bounty of wall clocks to remember their victory. Photo courtesy FMG Publications

FMG PUBLICATIONS LEADS THE WAY FOR NEW SHOOTERS . . . Year after year, FMG Publications leads the way for a bigger and brighter future for the shooting sports through its Shooting Industry Masters competition. In this year's 12th annual Masters, held July 18-19 on Florida's Treasure Coast, a record-matching, all-time high of $70,000 was raised for NSSF's First Shots program. Included in that $70,000 were funds earned through special custom gun auctions on GunBroker.com. Another $30,000 was raised for the USA Shooting team, nearly tripling the 2013 total, and more than $4,000 was raised for HAVA (Honored American Veterans Afield) through a golf tournament held in conjunction with the Masters. FMG's ability to assemble such a vast group of industry professionals to come together in support of First Shots, USA Shooting and HAVA is something everyone in the firearms and ammunition industry can be proud of, and we here at the NSSF couldn't be more thankful for what they've been able to accomplish. Read more and see this year's winners list on the NSSF Blog.

Government Relations

  • http://nssf.org/share/images/Capitol_150.jpgPRO-HUNTING COALITION RESPONDS TO HSUS PETITION . . . More than 30 organizations representing the nation's hunters, natural resources professionals and shooting sports groups, including NSSF, have sent a joint letter to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel in response to a petition from the anti-hunting Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other groups that seek a ruling to ban the use of traditional ammunition on much of the country's public lands. The letter notes that the petition is not backed by legitimate science supporting any conclusion that traditional ammunition has resulted in negative wildlife population effects. NSSF again urges sportsmen to call the Interior Department and urge rejection of the petition. See the NSSF Grassroots Action Alert.
  • HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE U.S. STRIKES BACK, BUT IS HIT AGAIN . . . In the battle over public policy affecting California hunters, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has insinuated itself into state politics in Sacramento, as the political news website Flashreport reported. That report struck a nerve and was met with a rebuttal from Jennifer Fearing, HSUS director of programs and policy, herself at the center of controversy. The rebuttal ignored key facts while attacking the person leading the Humane Watch effort that brought the misleading tactics of HSUS to light. NSSF continues to square off against HSUS in defense of America's hunting traditions in Washington, D.C., and state capitals, so we are pleased to note of the publication in last week's POLITICO of Human Watch's latest takedown of the anti-hunting organization's misleading fundraising and advocacy work.
  • BERETTA USA MOVING ALL PRODUCTION TO TENNESSEE . . . Beretta U.S.A. announced last week it would move all of its firearms manufacturing from Accokeek, Maryland, to a new facility it is building in Gallatin, Tennessee. The company said its concerns over stringent gun-control statutes enacted in Maryland in 2013 necessitated the move. Beretta had previously planned to use the Tennessee facility for new machinery and production of new products only. Beretta expects the Gallatin plant to open in mid-2015 and stressed the transition will be managed with no disruption to customers. Production of the U.S. Armed Forces M9 9 mm pistol will continue at Accokeek, until all current military orders have been filled. Read the Beretta USA press release. Read the Washington Post account in which the NSSF's Larry Keane provides perspective.

For more Government Relations news, read NSSF's latest Government Relations Update.


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  • ORCHID ADVISORY: ATF COMPLIANCE DILIGENCE - BEFORE NEXT INSPECTION . . . Competitors in the biathlon strive for endurance. They cross-train between shooting, skiing and running -- and, they do it year-round. There are numerous ways you can "train" for your ATF inspection and, just like an athlete, you may choose to do something every day in preparation. It is a process of continuous improvement through reviewing, reconciling and educating. Read the latest advisory. Orchid Advisors is an endorsed compliance information provider for NSSF members.
  • ATF Q&A - MORE ANSWERS TO COMMON COMPLIANCE QUESTIONS . . . We have two more great questions from the NSSF members-only hotline. Remember, all members can call as many times as they need to, and there is no charge for this service. This week one question revolves around finding a missing firearm, while the second covers whether or not a family member picking up a pawned firearm is considered a straw purchase. Get the answers to these questions and review past weeks' Q&As.
  • MOST COMMON ATF FORM 4473 QUESTIONS ANSWERED . . . Taking a look at the concerns most frequently voiced, a list of questions and answers has been compiled as a quick-reference guide for the scenarios most FFL holders encounter at one time or another with their customers and this necessary piece of paperwork. Taking the steps outlined on this list will help keep your transactions off the list of violations cited by ATF.


  • COURT HEARS ARGUMENTS IN SUIT TO OVERTURN MD GUN LAWS . . . A federal court in Maryland heard arguments last week in the closely watched lawsuit brought by NSSF and others in the firearms industry seeking to overturn the state's ban on commonly owned modern sporting rifles and standard-capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Before a packed courtroom, gun rights advocates blasted the state's defense that banning firearms because of cosmetic features and imposing arbitrary magazine capacity limits will improve public safety. The evidentiary record in the case demonstrates the laws were passed based on "junk science" and outlaw constitutionally protected firearms used by millions of responsible citizens for lawful purposes, including self-defense. The presiding judge promised a decision as soon as possible. Read a news account.
  • GUN CONTROL IS NOT A 'PUBLIC HEALTH' ISSUE . . . "The debate over gun rights vs. gun control is definitely a public policy issue. But it's not a 'public health' issue," writes Dr. Paul Hsieh in Forbes Online. "Those trying to make it one are muddying the waters for political purposes and are doing a disservice to Americans in the face of our many real public health concerns" Read the article.
  • LAW BARRING DOCTORS FROM ASKING GUN QUESTIONS RULED CONSTITUTIONAL . . . The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has upheld a Florida law that restricts intrusive questioning by physicians about patients' ownership of firearms. In a 2-1 ruling last Friday, the appeals court overturned a 2012 federal court injunction that said the law was unconstitutional and violated physicians' right to free speech. "We find that the Act is a valid regulation of professional conduct that has only incidental effect on physicians' speech," wrote Judge Gerald Tjoflat in Friday's ruling, adding, "The Act simply codifies that good medical care does not require inquiry or record-keeping regarding firearms when unnecessary to a patient's care." According to a story in the Christian Science Monitor, instances that led to the law included medical staff separating a mother from her children and asking the children if there were firearms in the home.
  • COURT ORDERS END TO WASHINGTON, D.C., HANDGUN CARRY PROHIBITION . . . In an eagerly awaited decision, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled on Saturday in Palmer v. District of Columbia that the District's absolute prohibition on citizens carrying handguns for lawful self-defense was unconstitutional. D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier has reportedly approved an order allowing District residents to carry a handgun if it has been properly registered with the District Police. In addition, residents of other jurisdictions without felony records reportedly will not be charged under the ban on carrying pistols. Read an analysis of the historic decision.
  • FEDERAL COURT UPHOLDS MULTIPLE RIFLE SALE REPORTING . . . The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the ATF's authority requiring federal firearms licensees located in the Southwest border states to report multiple sales of certain semiautomatic rifles. In an opinion that closely mirrors the rulings of other circuit courts that have reviewed legal challenges to ATF's 2011 demand letter, the 10th Circuit, not surprisingly, also concluded that the ATF neither exceeded its statutory authority nor engaged in arbitrary and capricious action by mandating more than 8,500 FFLs in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas to maintain and report this additional record information. Two of the three FFLs seeking to enjoin the ATF from enforcing its demand letter requirements in the appeal were NSSF-backed retailers.


  • NEWEST NSSF SURVEY TRACKER AVAILABLE . . . The NSSF Survey Tracker is a monitoring service using an online panel of active hunters and target shooters. Sourced by Southwick Associates' online panel at HunterSurvey.com, each report features Market Snapshot - purchases made in the past two months, and Market Leaders - the top brands purchased in different retail categories. This edition posts Market Leaders for Scopes and Decoys, as well as responses to consumer questions on future purchase intentions. NSSF members may view, in addition to this latest edition, historical survey trackers by logging on to www.nssf.org/members and clicking on "NSSF Industry Research" and then on "Survey Tracker."


  • NEW REDUCED SHOT SHOW FEES FOR NSSF BUYER MEMBERS . . . With mounting pressure for increased gun regulation and restrictions, the NSSF's government advocacy initiatives need more reinforcements than ever. Your NSSF Member SHOT Show registration fees have a direct impact on our ability to continue our aggressive and focused initiatives on Capitol Hill. To support all our current members in attending SHOT Show and encourage those who are not yet members to join and attend, NSSF is pleased to announce that in addition to each NSSF Member receiving one complimentary SHOT Show registration, qualified NSSF Member buyers can now register for 50 percent off the non-member rate. Click here for more information.

First Shots

  • FIRST SHOTS NEWS TALKS TRAVELING WITH GUNS . . . One of the things new shooters quickly come face to face with are the myriad laws regarding how they can transport their firearms. From planes to trains and automobiles, local jurisdictions to cross-country adventures, knowing how to go about your business with a firearm where you're going about your business can be a bewildering and frustrating proposition. The latest edition of First Shots News, with a focus on concealed carry, has a list of prudent tips on staying legal with your firearm no matter where you go and no matter how you get there. Don't forget to subscribe to get your First Shots e-newsletter each month.

Project Childsafe

  • PROJECT CHILDSAFE "LOCAL CHAMPION" HIGHLIGHTED . . . A story in the Montgomery Advertiser shines the spotlight on Nicole Price, of Warrior Tactical Firearms, who was named a Project ChildSafe "Local Champion" by NSSF for her work promoting firearm safety in cooperation with the Montgomery County Sheriffs' "Deputy Dave Day." "As a mom and a gun owner, I was looking for ways to talk about guns with my child in a positive way," she said. Price said people appreciated knowing they could receive a free Project ChildSafe gun lock and were eager to learn about other safe storage options to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Read story and learn more about Project ChildSafe.


  • DID YOU KNOW? NSSF MEMBERSHIP HAS SPECIAL BENEFITS AT SHOT SHOW . . . NSSF Members are granted exclusive access to the Member Lounge and Business Center at the SHOT Show. Free wireless service and affordable lunch options are among many amenities in the NSSF Member Lounge, which serves as a central point for NSSF members to take a break from the show floor or to network and conduct business. Additionally, the Member Business Center is equipped with computer workstations with internet access that provide a reliable spot to make copies, check your email, print your boarding pass and more. For information on becoming an NSSF Member, contact Member Services at 203-426-1320 ext. 209 or membership@nssf.org.

News of Note

  • ARTICLES CHALLENGE TRADITIONAL AMMUNITION BANS . . . In the Los Angeles Daily News, columnist Jim Matthews called on hunters to raise hard questions about the weak evidence the State of California used to justify a ban on traditional ammunition containing lead components by 2019. "We need to know lead ammunition is somewhere, somehow threatening a species of wildlife on a population level, not just killing an occasional critter like a car or windmill blade or solar panel is doing," wrote Matthews. In Oregon, where a recent survey of hunters is seen as a precursor to restricting the use of traditional ammunition, the NRA's Susan Recce, in a guest column in The Oregonian, called for state residents to learn the facts so that, unlike Californians, they "aren't similarly duped into adopting a ban."
  • TASK FORCE WILL COUNTER CYBERTHREATS TO HUNTERS . . . With harassment, threats and cyberbullying of hunters increasing, the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance convened a meeting of sportsmen, conservation organizations and outdoor personalities last week at which the Hunters Advancement Task Force was created. "This is a great opportunity to start developing ways to hold those responsible for the recent wave of cyber-attacks against sportsmen accountable," said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA President and CEO.  "The task force is not only working to stop direct attacks on hunters but also discussing how best to educate the public on the vital role sportsmen play in the conservation of all wildlife." Bill Dunn, NSSF's Managing Director of Marketing-Communications, is a member of the task force.
  • OLYMPIC ATHLETES LOOKING TO MIDNIGHT 3-GUN CHALLENGE . . . Twin sisters and Olympic biathlon shooters Lanny and Tracy Barnes, who made headlines at the London Olympics, will compete in another challenging shooting sport when they join 150 other competitors at Crimson Trace's Midnight 3-Gun Invitational, August 13-16, at the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association Range. In addition to the nation's top 3-Gun shooters, more than 50 media members will have a chance to experience what this popular new shooting sport is all about. "Biathlon and 3-Gun are somewhat similar," said Lanny, "but, with 3-Gun, you do less running and more gunning, which is great!"


  • FIREARMS INDUSTRY JOBS . . . Visit www.nssf.org/jobs for current employment opportunities in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. Employers: Log in to post a job opening.


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